Thursday, September 23, 2010

6 1/2 Months Old

It was so hard to leave Ava this morning. She was a little fussy after eating her cereal so I picked her up and cuddled her for a few minutes. She was as happy as could be in my arms, but I had to leave for school. When I sat her down in her saucer she was fine unitl I rounded the corner for the garage. Then she started fussing; it was like she knew I was leaving. She has started to want me more, which is great! But it also makes you feel terrible when you do have to leave. I went to hand her back to GG this week after a softball game becasue I had to clean up the field and she immediately started fussy and reaching for me.
Ava is growing so fast, and we will soon run out of summer clothes that fit. Come on cooler weather! She has a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and I am curious to see her height and weight percentiles. When we got her shots about 2 weeks ago she weighed 16.6 lbs. Big girl! She is also becoming much more coordinated and vocal. We can get her to laugh all the time now. This is such a fun age!
I had a game in Lee's Summit this week so Lynn and Brad got to come to the game and Matt drove out after work with Ava. We went to Fazoli's for dinner and Ava was so happy in her high chair. We tried peas for the very first time and she had some great faces. She even got to show Grandma and Grandpa how she can drink out of a straw like a big girl. But as 7:00 pm rolled around, she was fading fast. It was really great to get to go out to eat with them and they got some Ava time in too.
With parent teacher conferences, homecoming, and District softball around the corner, fall is definetly here. I am looking forward to being done with softball so I can pick Ava up at 3:00pm. I am also looking forward to fall activities with Ava even though she won't remember a thing... picking out a pumpkin, carving the pumpkin, dressing up for Halloween, and taking colorful pictures outside. I can't wait- just a few more weeks to go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 Months Old

Ava is officially 6 months old and we are doing new and fun things each week. Last weekend Ava went to her first Royals game. She was a champion tailgater and loved sitting in the bumbo, which we placed in a lawn chair. She got pretty tired around 8:00 and we decided to head home in the 7th inning. We started fruits and vegetables a couple of weeks ago too. She really likes squash and yams. She does not seem to care for apples at all and makes some pretty terrible faces. Baby cereal still seems to be her favorite though.
Jayne came and visited this weekend. We celebrated a late 21st birthday for Stephanie and went garage saling all day on Saturday. We found some cute pajamas and shoes for Ava, an umbrella/stand for our deck, and I ended up buying a bedroom set on a whim. Matt was less than thrilled but Ava will love it when she is older. I reminded Matt that just as Ava is ready for her crib to covert to a bed, we will probably be ready for baby number two. Justification justification. Haha.
Ava also mastered sitting up this weekend. Jayne was downstairs playing with her while I finished getting ready and she told me she was doing so good sitting up. Wh didn't even know she could do that! She is getting so big. She can wave now too. Apparently Nana has her wave bye bye to Daddy when he drops her off in the morning. She was waving bye bye to the family all weekend. I think we have a future doctor on our hands! Mommy is so proud!