Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ava Elizabeth!

I can't believe we celebrated Ava's 1st Birthday this past weekend. We had her family party on Saturday. We took a great nap right before her party but still woke up a little rough. As everyone arrived Ava wanted to be held by Momma and I totally didn't mind. We decided to try opening presents up first, but needed to take a break because she was started to cry. I think Ava was overwhelmed by all the company at one time and being the center of attention. After a break for some milk and snacks she warmed up and we resumed opening presents. She did very well and then we decided to sing and have cake. We undressed her and put her in her highchair with her beautiful cake. She dipped one finger in and wanted me to lick it off. She would not get messy and didn't want anything to do with the cake. We even tried to put some fruit on it to persuade her to try it. She just wanted some strawberries and blueberries.

After we sang and handed out cake, she was a hoot. She was running in circles and singing to everyone. She is such a ham! As the last guest walked out the front door I took up upstairs for her nap. She was so tired but did so good for having 30 people over at one time.

Sunday was her birthday and Daddy made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We went to Fritz's Train restaurant for lunch. Ava loves watching the trains bring food to the customers. She pointed out almost every train. We even learned how to sign train in sign language. She had a blast. We went home and took a short nap before we went to dinner with Nana, Papa, Aunt Fannie, Aunt Lisa, and G.G. at Texas Road House. After Ava finished eating her dinner, the workers came by to sing happy birthday to her. They put her up on a horse saddle and announced to the restaurant that it was her first birthday and then sang. Ava did great and just watched in awe of the singers.

What an awesome weekend! I finished up the last week in St. Louis, leaving Ava alone for the very first time. I did get a little weepy leaving her, but seemed to do okay as long as I was occupied. I was away from her for 48 hours. Daddy and Nana did a great job taking care of her. And praise Jesus for our new phones which have video cameras on them. I got to see her every night before she went to bed. I can't believe that my baby is one year old! Time continues to go by way too fast. It just seems like yesterday that I was cuddling with a little ball of baby. I now have a toddler.

She walks, is beginning to run, and ohhhh the attitude. She does not seem to like to be told no. When she knows that she is not suppose to do something she will shake her head no as she does it. Then when we remove her from the outlet, tv, laundry room... she says no, no and waves her pointer finger around. Is that what I look like when I say that to her? Haha. Our little princess is getting quite a personality. She waves at whoever will look at her, she will smile at anyone, and she is really starting to babble. She is really starting to repeat words. Instead of Boo, she says Do. And instead of Grace, she says Dray. So precious. My baby is too big!