Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Trimester

Well I welcomed in the second trimester with a long awaited hair appointment to get my hair cut and colored. Praise Jesus, because I was rocking the roots! My hair is growing so fast because of the prenatal vitamins I am taking and I think it is growing out a little darker too. With school in it's second week, softball is in full swing. We have out first games tonight. I will be sporting the catchers gear on first base to protect my little one from any foul balls. Matt said the baby was the size of a peach, but in another magazine it was compared it to a Nutter Butter Cookie. I like this comparison better, but mostly because it sounds good and I am already hungry for lunch at 9:45. I am wearing a little red dress today which shows off my ever-so-subtle bump. I hate it when people tell me I am not even showing. Yes I am. There is something there. I just look a little out of shape or maybe like I need to go to the bathroom really really bad. But it's there. 7 more weeks until we get to find out the sex. It is killing me. Matt won't talk names with me until we find out if it is a girl or a boy. But if you want in on the secret, it's a girl. I can feel it. Don't tell Matt though.

Week 13

Today marks the beginning of week 13. The fetus is now the size of a peach and weighs about a half ounce. The facial features are beginning to take shape and the finers and toes are fully seperated. The baby will actucally begin to suck its thumb very soon. With the first trimester drawing to an end, Andrea has had a great pregnancy thus far. No morning sickness or any other problems. Within the next few weeks Andrea will start to show as the baby grows rapidly during the second trimester.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is our 9 week sonogram, you can make out the hands and feet, that's about it this far. The next sonogram will be in October when we'll find out the gender. But our baby is definately an athlete because this baby was moving all over. So far I haven't had anything change from my daily routine. I know that will change with Andrea going back to school and coaching.

August 16,2009

Well we officially begin week 12 of our pregnancy today. I am 1/3 of the way done. My friend Natalie Moffit had her baby Turner today. It was like a small glimpse 6 months down the road. It has made me even more excited about our baby!
Things are going well for us and I am feeling great as usual. The only thing I complain about is the bloating. Oh my gosh... I know it is nothing compared it morning sickness, but it can sure make me misrible.
Other than that, school begins tomorrow for me. I packed an enormous lunch fit for a woman who weights 250 pounds. I might need a bigger lunch box. But I want to be over prepared for my usual every 3 hour eating schedule.