Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ava visits Santa Clause

Ava recently paid a visit to Santa Clause at the Hallmark offices. Each year Hallmark envites employees, reitred employees & family to come visit Santa at their Liberty office. Since Grandma retired from Hallmark she just had to take Ava this year. We weren't sure what to expect with Ava & Santa. Would she cry? Would she laugh? Would she just sit there trying to figure out who the fat guy is with a big white beard? She didn't cry or laugh. She was not real sure what to make of Santa. Ava's wish list for Santa has only two things. A wagon and an Ipad.
Mommy wrote the wish list. Just saying...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8 1/2 Months Old

Ava is growing like a weed and is already starting to wear some of her 12 month clothes. She has got really long legs so the shirts are still a little big. She is finally rolling over like a champ. She rolls all over the living room now collecting dog hair on her outfits. She loves to roll over to the DVD player to get Daddy's xbox controller. She is standing at furniture all by herself for about 10-15 minutes at a time. She still hasn't really learned to bend her legs when she falls, so we have had some tears when we bang our head on the carpet.
Ava really likes Gracie now too. She wants to pet (or hit) her every time she comes close. But she blinks when Gracie gets all in her face. We are still having to protect Ava from dog kisses. So gross! Ava celebrated her first Thanksgiving with the family and got to eat turkey (after I chewed it a bit for her) mashed potatoes, noodles, corn, and green beans. Her favorite had to be the rolls. The girl loves bread!
Ava's favorite word right now is Dada. In fact, if you tell her to say Momma, she will look right at you and say Dada. She says Dada, Momma, Nana, and dog. Ava also got her first Christmas tree this weekend. She loves the angel at the top. After telling her that was an "angel" twice, she now will look at the angel everytime you ask her to. She is so smart! Christmas is right around the corner and we can't wait to see Ava's reaction to Santa and presents~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ava was in a silly mood the other day. Just about anything we did made her laugh.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Haloween was a lot of fun this year. Ava dressed up as Tinkerbell and Gracie was Superman! We carved a pumpkin and gave it three teeth, just like Ava. Ava was more interested in the newspaper that we had under the pumpkin than the actual pumpkin itself.
After the Chiefs game we got Ava dressed up and went out to see some friends before heading over to Nana's house. Friends and family gathered at Nana's for pizza and snacks before heading out for trick or treating. Chloe was dressed up as a ladybug and Chase was dressed up as a spider. We only went to a few of the neighbors houses to trick or treat since the girls don't eat candy and mommy and daddy have plenty at home. Aside from the Tigers losing it was a really fun weekend and we're already looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas!

Monday, October 25, 2010

7 1/2 Months Old

Ava is getting so big! She is beginning to stand at the coffee table and around chairs. But watch out, because she will fall at any moment. Both Matt and I are standing right there to try to catch her. She is so much fun right now and she has started to do things on command. She will dance, wave, and give fives when you ask her to. So precious. We went up to St. Joe this weekend to visit Matt's Grandma, Aunt Janet, and Grandpa. Ava had such a good time and I think the family really enjoyed seeing how much she has changed. After our visit we met Big Brad and his wife Heidi at Chili's for lunch. Aunt Megan was our waitress and we recieved on the best service ever. She even took care of Ava! Brad and Heidi were a bit taken back when Megan walked by and kissed Ava on the head as she passed by. I guess we forgot to tell them she was family. We had a great time visiting and catching up with them. On Saturday night we watched the MU Homecoming game where they beat #1 OU! Matt, Ava, and I all had on our MU gear. Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, but we all needed to relax and grab a nap. We did get out and take some pictures of Ava in her new outfit. I don't have school this Friday so if the weather is nice we might take Ava to the zoo! I love the fall.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn is in the air

Haloween isn't too far away and we're getting ready by picking out costumes and pumpkins. Ava will be dressed as Tinkerbell this year. Wings included! Earlier this week we went to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin for Ava. Not too big, not too small, but just right.

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch. Ava didn't really get her usual afternoon nap in, so she was cranky when we arrived but cheered up quick when she saw the little kids running around and the animals in the petting zoo. With the leaves changing color its the time of year for us to get out and take a family picture together. We'll post pictures soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

7 Months Old

Ava turned 7 months old yesterday. Time continues to fly by way too fast. She is now a pro at sitting up and rarely falls over. She loves to sit on the floor and play with her toys. Her favorite toys right now are her wubbie (I made 2 for her), blocks, signing bug, and new toy cell phone. She goes to sleep every night with her little pink elephant blankie. We always lay her down with a bottle and she rubs that blankie over her head, from one hand to the other. She loves that silky feeling over her head and face. She usually wakes up around 6:15, but she always has a smile on her face. We change her diaper and then go wake up Daddy so Mommy can finish getting ready. Then we all head downstairs for breakfast. Ava loves her cereal except when we try to sneak some applesauce in with it. She is not a fan of applesauce and gags on it or refuses to open her mouth. We have been pretending to give her the bottle and then shoveling in the applesauce, but she has wised up to that. She is so smart. We are getting Ava's picture taken on Saturday in her Halloween costume, which we have yet to get. I better get on that. Ava continues to amaze me and she is so aware of her surroundings. She babbles and can copy you making grunting noises or slapping your legs. I am now done with softball and today will be my first day to go home after school!! I am so excited. I can't believe how much she has changed my life... I am obsessed with her and cannot even begin to show her how much I love her. I cannot imagine my life without her- life seems way too perfect. I am so blessed.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

6 1/2 Months Old

It was so hard to leave Ava this morning. She was a little fussy after eating her cereal so I picked her up and cuddled her for a few minutes. She was as happy as could be in my arms, but I had to leave for school. When I sat her down in her saucer she was fine unitl I rounded the corner for the garage. Then she started fussing; it was like she knew I was leaving. She has started to want me more, which is great! But it also makes you feel terrible when you do have to leave. I went to hand her back to GG this week after a softball game becasue I had to clean up the field and she immediately started fussy and reaching for me.
Ava is growing so fast, and we will soon run out of summer clothes that fit. Come on cooler weather! She has a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and I am curious to see her height and weight percentiles. When we got her shots about 2 weeks ago she weighed 16.6 lbs. Big girl! She is also becoming much more coordinated and vocal. We can get her to laugh all the time now. This is such a fun age!
I had a game in Lee's Summit this week so Lynn and Brad got to come to the game and Matt drove out after work with Ava. We went to Fazoli's for dinner and Ava was so happy in her high chair. We tried peas for the very first time and she had some great faces. She even got to show Grandma and Grandpa how she can drink out of a straw like a big girl. But as 7:00 pm rolled around, she was fading fast. It was really great to get to go out to eat with them and they got some Ava time in too.
With parent teacher conferences, homecoming, and District softball around the corner, fall is definetly here. I am looking forward to being done with softball so I can pick Ava up at 3:00pm. I am also looking forward to fall activities with Ava even though she won't remember a thing... picking out a pumpkin, carving the pumpkin, dressing up for Halloween, and taking colorful pictures outside. I can't wait- just a few more weeks to go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 Months Old

Ava is officially 6 months old and we are doing new and fun things each week. Last weekend Ava went to her first Royals game. She was a champion tailgater and loved sitting in the bumbo, which we placed in a lawn chair. She got pretty tired around 8:00 and we decided to head home in the 7th inning. We started fruits and vegetables a couple of weeks ago too. She really likes squash and yams. She does not seem to care for apples at all and makes some pretty terrible faces. Baby cereal still seems to be her favorite though.
Jayne came and visited this weekend. We celebrated a late 21st birthday for Stephanie and went garage saling all day on Saturday. We found some cute pajamas and shoes for Ava, an umbrella/stand for our deck, and I ended up buying a bedroom set on a whim. Matt was less than thrilled but Ava will love it when she is older. I reminded Matt that just as Ava is ready for her crib to covert to a bed, we will probably be ready for baby number two. Justification justification. Haha.
Ava also mastered sitting up this weekend. Jayne was downstairs playing with her while I finished getting ready and she told me she was doing so good sitting up. Wh didn't even know she could do that! She is getting so big. She can wave now too. Apparently Nana has her wave bye bye to Daddy when he drops her off in the morning. She was waving bye bye to the family all weekend. I think we have a future doctor on our hands! Mommy is so proud!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 1/2 Months Old

Ava had a very busy and fun weekend. We had Uncle Brad's going away party at our house on Saturday. Ava was having so much fun she decided that she did not need an afternoon nap. By 7pm she was a zombie! Everyone wanted to hold her... but Uncle Brad did most of the holding that afternoon. He leaves Friday for St. Maartin for Medical School. He will get to come home at Christmas and hopefully we will be headed there to see him this summer.
On Sunday Matt and I decided to take Ava to the pool. She had a blast floating in her little chair. The ice cream man came to the pool and we thought it would be a fun idea to get Ava her first ice cream treat. Matt chose a "Pink Panther" head with Bubble Gum eyes. We did most of the eating although we let Ava try a lick or two. She was more interested in touching the melting ice cream. This week the softball team has it's first tournament and I am planning on bringing Ava out for her first softball game. It is suppose to be 80 degrees on Wednesday so it will be a perfect day for a game.
Ava started eating rice cereal last week and is doing really great with it. We are planning on starting baby food in about two weeks. She is yelling out and kicking wildly now when she gets excited about something. She even wiggles her whole body if she is really happy. She is even wanting to stand up now with help. She will stand up for 30 sec to a minute before her little legs collapse under her. She is getting ready for walking for sure!
Nana took her shopping on Monday and people kept stopping her to talk to Ava. Everyone thinks she is so cute. I would have to agree! Going back to school has been a hard transition for me. I don't want to leave her in the mornings. It is especially hard if she is happy and wide awake. Thank goodness for the weekends!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 Months Old

Ava celebrated her 5 month birthday inbetween both of her Grandma/Nana's Birthdays. We have had a busy and excited month so far. Mommy is going back to work on Monday so we have been transitioning back to Nana's during the day this week. I also started the softball season this week which has had Mommy missing her favorite time of the day- bathtime.
While out to eat at Margarita's Express on Wednesday... Mommy found something unexpected! A little tooth popping in on the bottom row. We knew the teeth would be coming soon with all of the drool and chewing. But a picture to post would be almost impossible since the minute you stick your finger in to feel it, she sticks her tongue out.
She is still refusing to roll over 99% of the time even though everyone knows she can do. She does it on her own time. She is also beginning the transition from sleeping all night in the bassinet to her own big girl crib. She sleeps from about 8pm until 1am in her bassinet and then 1am to 6am in her crib. We are also practicing finding our balance and sitting up on her own, although we are still needing lots of support. Ava is still the happiest baby I know minus the occational blow-out. But if she is crying she is tired, hungry, or sitting in filth. Otherwise, we are smiley, happy, and playful. Her laugh is infectious and her smile can make 1am seem like 1pm. Going back to work is going to be hard for Mommy this week, but I have to remember working now will allow us dance lessons in the future. I can do it! She is going to have a great time hanging out with Nana!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ava in the KC Star newspaper

Ava will be in the FYI section of KC Star newspaper on Tuesday. The Star is running a story on babies that are dressed like Lady Gaga; she has a concert in town that night. Uncle Brad is a big Lady Gaga fan and he wanted to dress Ava up and send in the pictures. A few days later I get an email asking for permission to run the story with Ava. Be sure to pick up a copy on Tuesday.

On a sad note, Andrea has one week of summer vacation left. :( The summer has flown by as always, but it seemed to go even faster with Ava. Teachers go back next week and then the students come back on the 16th.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Naptime for Ava- 19 Weeks

Ava has begun to suck her thumb. She mainly does it when she sleeps but every now and again she will do it when sh e is hungry. I took this picture this morn ing as Ava took her morning nap in her crib. She is still sleeping in her bassinet, but I am working on transitioning Ava (and Andrea) to her crib. Ava has really found her voice the last two weeks and coos and screeches out loud a lot. We also bought Ava her high chair in preparation for cereal and solids in the upcoming weeks. She seems to like to sit in it, especially with Mommy and Daddy there to talk, laugh, and pick up her toys she throws off the tray. Grandma and Grandpa Holmes are coming up tomorrow and we will be heading to the city market and then to lunch. It is getting harder and harder for Mommy to share Ava with school just two weeks away. Mommy is already hating the idea of leaving Ava everyday. But Ava will do great in the cheering section at Mommy's softball games.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Months- 18 weeks old

Ava rolled over on July 13th 2010 with no cameras on. And once we got the camera out... she would not do it again. She did it with such ease when Matt was holding a toy out to her side. We have known for several weeks that she was able just not willing. But we all yelled and celebrated when she did it and I am sure the celebrating will go on until it becomes an everyday occurance. Today, we had a future falcon playdate over at our house. 6 Babies and 5 Mommies. Ava got to play with Adrian, Chloe, McKenna, Carlie, and Caylin for 2 whole hours. Yes there was the occational breakdown, but all the babies were very happy and interested in the light toys and of course the ceiling fan. It will be even more interesting when they all become mobile. Ava is now putting herself to sleep on most nights. She gets fed, cuddled, and then laid down. She will kick for a bit, find her thumb, and then is off to sleep. The last 2 nights we have put on a new sleeper for bedtime. She is now wearing size 6-9 sleepers... holy cow. I just realized we are not going to have any clothes later this year if she keeps growing at this rate. Her closet doesn't have many clothes past 9 months. We are off to get shots tomorrow (tear tear) and I am sure I will tear up whether she does or not. More to come soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

Ava was dressed up in her red, white , and blue colors to celebrate the 4th with family. We had family come over to our house this year to cook out and shoot off fireworks. Everybody had a good time until the rain came...just as it was time to shoot off fireworks. It took us a few days but we finally were able to shoot off the fireworks. Ava has started to suck her thumb now. We've tried to get pictures but it seems like she knows what we're up to and pulls her thumb out when we get the camera out. Pictures to come soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

13 Weeks Old

Ava is 13 weeks old and growing like a weed. I took a sleeper out of her drawer last night, took the tags off, and squeezed it on her. I bet she will only be able to wear the sleeper 2-3 more times. She has the feet size of a 9 month old and she is now wearing outfits size 3-6 months. We had another big milestone yesterday when Ava reached out for Momma to pick her up. Nana and I cheered when she did it and our excitement startled her. I have been taking PGC continue education classes for teachers this week and I cannot wait for the weekend to come. Matt really wants to take Ava to the pool again and with temperatures in the 90's the water might be warm enough for her. We will also celebrate Father's Day on Sunday. Daddy's first official Father's Day. We had a feeling last year that we might be pregnant, but it was unconfirmed. Ava is also getting close to rolling over. She is laying on her side and reaching for toys. As soon as she gets that arm above her head she will be rolling everywhere. It's so funny that in just one week her reaching for objects has improved so much. She went from being shaky and reaching randomly and maybe getting her dangling toy to grabbing and pulling her toys hanging from her carseat handle. She is also touching and grabbing at Mommy and Daddy's face and nose. I can't believe how fast she is developing these skills. My newborn is becoming a baby!

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Hawai'i

Here's a few things we learned while in Hawai'i:

Ava has a new nickname, Keiki - pronounced kay-key, which is Hawai'ian for child.

Ava likes the sand and the ocean, maybe someday she'll be a swimmer or surfer?

Traveling long distances with Ava was a lot of work, but she did great the whole time.

A few pictures from our trip

Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation in Hawai'i

Ava went on her first vacation this week and last. She went to Hawai'i for 8 days, GG, Papa, and Aunt Fannie also went. Ava was so good on the flights that we had, especially the 7 hour flight from Denver to Honolulu. On that flight we had the row of seats right behind first class, so we had a little extra legroom which was so convenient to lay Ava down on a blanket and let her stretch out and play.

Ava also took advantage of the in-flight entertainment

More updates about our vacation to come later this weekend!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

11 Weeks Old

Ava went to her 8th track meet this week. I had 2 jumpers get through both long and triple jump. The best part of the day was picking out Ava's outfit she was going to wear. It was the first 80 degree day and I had 30 brand new outfits to choose from. She ended up wearing a little pink fishy outfit with a matching sun hat. The sun hat is still a little big, so it kept falling over her eyes. Papa came with us to hang out with Ava while I coached and Matt helped rake the pits. I was a little worried about the temperature being so hot but Ava was fine. We kept her out of the sun as much as possible and she hung out in her stroller most of the day. She has the most adorable cry/whine when she gets tired. It is like she is trying to say... "I am so tired, just hold me please."
We are going to Jeff City this weekend and of course Ava will make her first State Track and Field Appearance. Only 14 more years until she can compete at the meet! My last day of school is tomorrow and I could not be more happy. I am so excited to spend the next 3 months as a stay at home mom. This week is super busy and we will return only to get ready to go on vacation.
Ava has had a few milestone this past week... she now sits in her bumbo and watches tv. She was in it for over a half an hour the other night. She is also beginning to place her hand on her bottle. Matt and I keep removing it for her. She sometimes just puts it up there to try and get her hand in her mouth while drinking her bottle. She loves her hand. She will not suck her thumb or fingers, she makes a fist and sticks the whole thing in. Ava also continues to love her baths. We had to sit her baby tub in the big bathtub because she splashes so much water all over. She is getting so big so fast. Stay little, stay little, stay little!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Weeks Old- Ava's first cold

Ava came down with her first cold this week. We noticed she sounded very hoarse when she cried on Monday. Andrea took Ava to the doctor on Tuesday after Nana said that she sounded stuffed up and was still hoarse. The doctor said she has a common cold and to monitor the cold to make sure things don't get any worse.
Track season is almost over now, two weeks left. This weekend is the sectionals meet and Andrea has a few jumpers competing. If her athletes place high enough they will move on to the state meet in Jefferson City next week. Aunt Megan came by on Sunday bearing a few gifts for Ava; socks, a swimsuit, a couple outfits and a Coach purse. Only 10 weeks old and already Ava has a Coach purse! Thanks Aunt Megan!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9 Weeks Old

This is a picture of poor Ava after her shots on Monday. I have end of course testing and I could not miss on Monday to take her so Daddy and Nana went. Ava had to get three shots in her legs and an oral medicine. Daddy said she cried and her little lip was stuck out for a while after. I would have bawled like a baby if I were there. I hate to see her in pain and so uncomfortable. She went to Nana's for the rest of the day. Nana said she would be asleep and would just cry out in pain. It broke my heart. I skipped track practice and ended up taking Tuesday off of work to be with her.
She was hungry, but wouldn't really eat more than an ounce or two. (normally eats 3-4 ounces) She was tired, but really only took 15-20 minute naps. (normally get 2-3 good naps in a day) And poor girl wanted to be held, but only if I was up walking around. If I sat down or stopped for a minute, she would start to cry again. I even got puked and pooped on at the same time yesterday. We both needed an outfit change and bath! I felt so bad for her yesterday. But she slept from 9:30 until 3:00 this morning and then I woke her up again at 6:30 to eat and get ready. She was not happy about the wake up call and would not eat for me again. I wish I could take today off and stay with her until she is fully recovered. I know the shots are in her best interest to keep her healthy, but they hurt me just as much as her. Poor Baby Girl!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 Months Old

I cannot believe that Ava is two months old today. It seems like she arrived just yesterday in one sense, but also that she has been here forever. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror when I am holding her and I can't believe she is mine. I think with all the babysitting that I did growing up, I always pictured me with a baby... but reality is still hard to grasp. I cannot believe that Matt and I created such a beautiful baby. She is beginning to look like me. We took her to get her 2 month pictures taken and in one of the pictures she looks like me as an infant. We are even in the same pose. We have new milestones every week now. For the last 7 to 10 days our new "trick" is smiling on demand. All you have to do it stick your tongue out and blow a raspberry and you get an instant grin. Of course, it has worked every time except when we were getting her pictures taken.
Well, it is official! We will be leaving for hawaii this summer. Yep, we may be crazy but Matt, Ava, me, Dad, Grandma, and Stephanie are headed to Oahu. I was really excited to bring Ava and introduce her to her native land... but then the logistics of traveling with a 3 month old baby set in. We figured we will need at minimus: carseat, base, stroller, 3 towels, 5 blankets, 5 throws, 8 burp clothes, 8 onesies, 7 sleepers, 7 outfits, 2 swimsuits, 80 diapers, 2 packages of wipes, my pump, 8 bottles, a bottle cleaner, soap, baby shampoo, medicines, butt creams, toys, etc. Holy cow! Thank goodness we will have a lot of hands to help. But it will be totally worth it. I can't wait to show her Mommy and Daddy's favorite place in the whole world. I know she will love it, as well as everyone else! Aloha!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7 Weeks Old

What a big girl! This weekend we had Ava dedicated at church. This is a picture of the family with Pastor Fred. I was really nervous that we would get up and during a prayer she would start crying. But she did great. She made it through worship and through the dedication. We ate and then she slept through the sermon. We had 30+ family members over for a BBQ after church. We all had a great time and I am so happy that everything went great.

Ava is getting so vocal. She talks to the tv all the time... little coo's and babble. She even does this excited gasp. It is so cute. Of course, every time I turn on the video camera she is quiet. She loves to lay on her little play mat and kick kick kick while she watches the colors change on the tv. Her neck is also getting a lot stronger and when she is on my shoulder she has her head up and is looking around.

Leaving for work is still hard, but it is better than last week. Only 20 more days of work for me until summer break. I cannot wait. I want to just hold her all day long. I cannot wait to take her to the pool so she can kick around. She has been kicking in her bath recently and is getting water all over the place. We took her to the doctor last week for her pesky diaper rash and found out she weighs 11 lbs 2 oz. She is Momma's big girl! I could stare at her forever... she is so beautiful.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Work- 6 Weeks Old

I am at work today : ( What a sad day. I only have to work for 23 more days before summer break though. "I can do it, I can do it", I keep telling myself that. I miss her so much already. Work has kept me busy so atleast my day is going by quickly. I get to see her in about 3 hours after track practice. She is getting so big. She is in her 3 month old clothes now and cannot wear anything that is newborn size. She grows so fast. This past weekend we hung around the house a lot. Matt did yard work and I cleaned when I could. Ava is a snuggler and she will sleep as long as she is in your arms. If you lay her down you may get 20 minutes to start a project. On Sunday we went to dinner at Jose Peppers with GiGi, Papa, Uncle Brad, and Aunt Fannie. Ava was pretty good at dinner but she did tell us when she was ready to go.
Ava is really starting to make little cooing noises and Papa and GiGi even got to hear her giggle at the KU Relays. She is smiling all the time. She really is a happy baby and only cries when she is dirty or hungry. I cannot wait until I get to pick her up today. Come on by!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 Weeks Old

I cannot believe how fast the time is going by. I start work in one week. Noooo! But I will only have 4 and a half weeks of school left and then I will be off the entire summer. We received Ava's newborn photos this week. They are amazing! Ava has changed so much from even these pictures. She has already outgrown her newborn onesies and sleepers. We have started to wear all of our new 0-3 month old clothes. I think we have worn a new outfit almost every day this week. We even blew out a diaper on 2 of our new outfits. The blowouts continue to be funny especially when you have someone else to laugh with you. At 3am... it's not so funny. She has had a nice sleeping pattern this last week; sleeping 5 hours then waking up for a diaper change and to eat. She then goes right back to sleep for 3 hours and wakes up between 5 and 6 am again. One night she slept 7 hours! I had to check for breathing several times. Ava also went to 2 track meets this week. She even sleeps through the starting gun. My little trackster!
Ava also celebrated her first Easter last weekend. She got 2 new outfits and a new rattle from the Easter Bunny. He even brought her some chocolates and Jelly Beans for Mommy and Daddy. At Gigi's she got some money, new outfits, and stuffed animals. What a lucky gal. We took tons of pictures of her in her Easter Basket surrounded by eggs. It was so cute. She is gaining more neck control although she still smacks herself in the face with her wild arms. Her diaper rash has gotten a lot better and is almost healed up and her hair continues to get longer (but only in the back). Mommy and Daddy are so in love with her and when we talk she will turn her head to find us. She also seems to be able to see a bit further too. Ava is pretty amazing and each new day we find her doing something new and adorable. Her smile is so infectious and even in the middle of the night you cannot help but smile back at this little miracle. Parenthood thus far has been nothing but blessings!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Madness

This obviously didn't help them win... but it is still pretty cute! (2 weeks old)

1 month old

It's hard to believe she has been here for almost a month. Boy have our lives changed. I did not realize how amazing having a baby could be. She is pretty amazing. Her smile makes my day and I could stare at her forever. Being a mom is the greatest thing ever.
My favorite highlight of the day has to be bathtime. I am not sure why, but there is something about a clean baby all bundled up in a towel... I then nurse her and we get ready for bed. She is sleeping about 3 hours at a time at night. And it is hard to get up with her at 3 in the morning, but it is only hard to pull my feet out of bed. Once I have her in my arms, it might as well be 3 in the afternoon. I nurse her in our glider and just stare at her until she falls back asleep. She seems so peaceful!
Our families are crazy about her too. She has spent a lot of time with Nana and Aunt Fannie because they live so close. Matt's mom came up last week to spend some time with her while I went to the dentist. I am sure Ava is held so much she probably won't walk until she is two. She is a cuddly baby who love to be up on the shoulder and loves her butt patted. It makes my family crazy that she loves the shoulder so much because they cannot see her pretty face.
Speaking of her face... she is the spitting image of Matt. Everytime I look at her she just reminds me of him. All that work by me, and she looks like Matt. haha. Matt is such a great dad. He does diapers, washes blown out onesies, and cleans out bottles and pumping equiptment. He is so great with her. I could not imagine us without her now.
Labor was not as bad as I thought it would be. My students and athletes always ask me, "did it hurt?" Yes it hurt! But when it was all said and done, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I stayed in control and made it all the way to 7cm before I was ready for an epidural. (and praise Jesus for that!) From start to finish, I labored for about 7 hours at the hospital, although my contractions had been going for about 12 hours before I had to report for my induction. We did eat our last supper (without a child) down at Bucca de Beppos on the Plaza- contractions and all. Yes, she had to be evicted. She liked my womb a little to much. But she was worth the wait.
All in all, I cannot believe how amazing she is. She is perfect. From her dark blue eyes to her long toes. God is so amazing and everytime I look at her I am reminded of how truely blessed we are.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ava Elizabeth is finally here!

Sorry for the delay in postings, we've been a little busy around here. On March 6th Ava Elizabeth was born! She weighed 7 lb 5 oz and measured 20.25 inches long. We will post pictures and milestones along the way and pictures of daily happenings.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best Husband Award

Today is D-Day and with no sign that the fun will begin... I woke up frusterated. Matt called me on his way home from the gym while I was finishing up getting ready and told me he was going to make me french toast this morning for breakfast. So sweet! When I got downstairs I had a delicious breakfast. Matt even got out the Hawaiian Cappuccino (in a can) we have been saving since our trip to Hawaii this summer. What a special morning he made it! He is going to be a great dad. We are still trying to be patient but trusting that she will come out when she is ready!

Monday, March 1, 2010

40 Weeks

Alright baby... it's time to make your arrival. Matt and I spent our last babyless weekend watching Olympic hockey and Law and Order. We also made our way to the gym where I walked 3 miles which apparently did not help the baby want to come out. We also went out to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look for a new kitchen table. On Saturday night I went to scout a basketball game at Smithville HS to prepare for our game this Wednesday in St. Joe. Matt did some cleaning and baked some delicious brownies while I was at the game. On Sunday, I went out to brunch with my high school girls to Granite City. Buffets and pregnant girls are best friends! What a great weekend! I can't wait to see if she makes her appearance this week. I'll update you all on Thursday after our doctor's appointment.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The castle is complete!

The detials are very impressive & our thanks to Victor Makris for his hard work.

39 Weeks

Did I mention I am ready? Matt and I went to the doctor yesterday and it doesn't seem like she will make her appearance anytime soon. I am still feeling good. Just really big, sore, and tired. But, Matt keeps me in good spirits reminding me that the longer she stays in, the healthier she will be. She just wants to be pink and round when she is born. She just really seems to like my habitat. I am getting tired of answering the "when are you due and are you still here" questions at work. On a positive note, the Varsity basketball team plays in the District Championship Game tonight at Staley. But it would be very convenient if she was born this weekend so I could make it to the Sectional Game next Wednesday. Victor finished the castle mural on her nursery wall yesterday. It is amazing and I can just picture her playing in there with her dolls some day. Matt and I plan to just enjoy our last (hopefully) weekend as non-parents and relax, shop, and sleep in.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

38 Weeks

I am ready! I finished up my JV basketball season and I spoke at a track clinic last night. Those were the last two items to cross off my to-do list before "baby" makes her arrival into the world. I even got a pedicure today with my mom and sister. I am feeling good... almost too good. I have had a few contractions this week as my body prepares for it's hardest workout yet. It just makes me even more anxious and Matt and I are trying to be patient. I have noticed that the last week I have needed a lot more sleep. I went to bed at 8:45 last night and woke up at 7:30 this morning. I even got in an hour and a half nap after lunch. I am trying to enjoy the last few times I will be able to sleep in. Tonight Matt and I went out to eat at PF Chang's with Dad, Brad, and Steph. The topic of discussion is always the baby and her big entrance into the world. With family in St. Louis, Columbia, and Springfield everyone wants a heads up call when I go into labor. I will call everyone when the hospital confirms that I am in true labor and they are keeping me. I don't want anyone driving to KC for a false alarm. Her nursery mural of the castle melts my heart every time I look at it. I hope she will someday love playing in her princess room and castle. Ten days until her official due date! We will keep you all updated.

Painting has begun!

Our friend Victor has started painting the little play area in baby's room. Victor is an amazing artist and we can't wait to see the wall all finished. Andrea finished up coaching the Staley High School JV girls basketball team this week. That was the last big thing to cross of the calendar before baby arrives. Since Andrea is right around the corner from the big day, she will continue to assist with the varsity team until the birthday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

37 Weeks: Full Term!

The baby is officially full term this week. I am 20 days away from her due date and 11 days away from her original due date! My guess is she will be born on February 25. I would love for her to wait the extra few days to be a March baby, but I do realize that she will come whenever she is ready. I pray that I don't go over March 3rd though!
I packed my hospital bag last night (as best as I could) and made a list of things to bring. It is hard to pack since I am wearing the same pants and shirts twice a week. The baby's bag is also ready and waiting in her room for the big day. We also got the car seat installed by the fire department on Monday. I can't believe I am driving around with a car seat! It is a crazy thought that she could be here any day.
I did have a dream last night that she was born. But it wasn't really about her, it was about me after she was born. I was running/jogging around and feeling great. I hope that I feel that good after she comes! Victor, a family friend came over to the house yesterday to show me the drawing of the castle mural he will be painting on her nursery wall. It is so cute. I cannot wait for him to get started! Everything is ready to go... we just need a baby.
Health wise, I have been feeling pretty good. Fatigue has set in and I am tired after little chores or cleaning. I cannot reach my feet anymore and putting on my shoes is a challenge every morning. Yesterday I did have some Braxton Hicks contractions (I am pretty sure) while at school and at home. That has really been the first sign that the fun is right around the corner. I cannot wait for the weekend although it will be pretty busy for me since I have to be up at school for decorating and chaperoning the Winter Formal Dance.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

36 Weeks

I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday. Baby woke me up at 3:30 am to begin the celebration! I had a great day at school: Coach brought me some subway, Dad sent me flowers, Matt made me dinner, and then the Varsity Basketball girls pulled out a win against North Kansas City High School. I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. She looks great and I am doing well too. The doctor said she is not coming anytime soon. I hope she stays in until at least the last week of February. But I really am hoping she is born in March. Other than feeling tired and a little big, I am doing great. I can't believe her due date will be here in 27 days. This pregnancy has flown by!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Nursery

Everything is pretty much in place and ready to go in the nursery. Outfits are in the closet, changing table is stocked with diapers and the crib is made up and ready for baby. We wanted to update you on the nursery and how it is designed. With only a month left everything is ready to go, now all we need is a baby!