Friday, February 26, 2010

39 Weeks

Did I mention I am ready? Matt and I went to the doctor yesterday and it doesn't seem like she will make her appearance anytime soon. I am still feeling good. Just really big, sore, and tired. But, Matt keeps me in good spirits reminding me that the longer she stays in, the healthier she will be. She just wants to be pink and round when she is born. She just really seems to like my habitat. I am getting tired of answering the "when are you due and are you still here" questions at work. On a positive note, the Varsity basketball team plays in the District Championship Game tonight at Staley. But it would be very convenient if she was born this weekend so I could make it to the Sectional Game next Wednesday. Victor finished the castle mural on her nursery wall yesterday. It is amazing and I can just picture her playing in there with her dolls some day. Matt and I plan to just enjoy our last (hopefully) weekend as non-parents and relax, shop, and sleep in.

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