Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring 2011- 14 months old

Ava is a ham. Plain and simple. She might have a promising career as an actress with her personality. She acts all shy at first but hang around 15 minutes and she will begin to put on a show for you. She will probably steal your keys and cell phone while performing so watch out! She can figure out how to unlock most cells phones which amazes me. She loves to unlock mine to see the pictures of her. She sometimes even makes phone calls, sends texts, and changes the language. Haha.

We went outside this morning to watch Gracie go potty and looked up in the sky and said "mooooon" and sure enough there it was. I love this age! She is soaking up everything and it seems that once we tell her or show her something she picks it up. She is really starting to say and repeat words. She still loves her baby signing time videos but Barney is becoming pretty popular too. Mommy and Ava sang our first song together last week. It's the "Hat" song from the Barney video. I will sing it until we get to the word "hat" and she will say it. She is so proud of herself when we get done. Always smiling and clapping for herself.

Ava went to her first track meet of the year since we have had such poopy weather this year. It was 80 degrees and sunny. She hung out at the pit with me and watched my athletes jump. I even put her in the sand for a bit. She was less than impressed. She was doing her track starts when we said Ready, Set, Go. It was a great day and Brynn and Videl qualified for State which is this weekend in Jeff City.

This weekend we are also going to go hang out at Vince and Vida's (neighbors) and have a memorial weekend BBQ. That is Saturday night and on Sunday we might go out to Fitz's house on Lake Winnebago to go out on the lake. I am still debating on whether I should take Ava or not. I bought her a life jacket, but I will still be pretty nervous. Either way, this should be a great weekend and I only have 1 1/2 days left of school after this weekend!