Monday, January 30, 2012

22 1/2 months

I can't believe I have not written on here in over 2 months. Ava is getting so big. We are seeing glimpses of the "terrible twos" roll out every once in a while. She tells you what she wants and when she wants it. Girl is getting a little bossy. haha. "No Mommy, sit here." "No Mommy, I don't like that." It's amazing that just a year ago I had a baby just learning to walk that could only say about 5 words. Time is just flying by.

I am busy getting ideas together for Ava's 2nd birthday which is about 5 weeks away. I think we are going to have a Signing Time Theme... who would've thought. She still loves her signing videos and DVDs. But she is also getting interested in other videos. (thank goodness) She really likes the movies Rio and Lion King. In the morning, she really likes to watch Chuggington and Mickey Mouse Club.

Ava is still going to dance class on Tuesday nights and now it's even more fun to go because we get to see Aunt Fannie while we are there since she teaches upstairs at the same time. She is getting so good at all the dances and last week she even did the balance beam all by herself. I was amazed. My little baby is now a toddler. She runs, jumps, climbs, and dances all over the place. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that we are potty-trained now. Well... for the most part. Accidents still happen but they are usually around naptime. She is doing amazing. Pretty crazy how I cannot even remember what Matt and I did before her. Now we play babies, get our hair done, paint, play with magnets, dance, and play outside. We are definitely the cool parents right now lol. I am the luckiest girl alive. One precious angel and one amazing husband.