Wednesday, October 28, 2009

22 Weeks

Matt and I are having a blast shopping for our little girl. We bought her first outfit from Mommy and Daddy this weekend. She won't be able to wear it until next fall, but it is so cute. She is moving around all the time. I can even wake her up sometimes with some tapping. My favorite part of the day with her is at nighttime. Matt will lay his hand on my belly before we go to sleep to feel her. She will twist and turn and sometimes even give him a big kick. She is getting so big. Last week she was the size of a squirrel. You should see what she is doing to my belly button. I won't be an innie for much longer.
She gets hiccups about once a day now too. Yesterday she had them three times! We are really excited to register and to get started on her room. I think I have found the bedding I like at Nebraska Furniture Mart. It is soft brown, pink, and green with precious flowers on it. We also need to buy the dresser that goes with our crib too. So much to do and so much to buy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a Girl !

It is official. We are having a little girl. Now the shopping can begin. When Matt and I went to get the ultrasound, I was almost a little nervous. But she looks absolutely perfect and healthy. We were so excited when the technician said that we were having a little girl. Matt gave me a high five and sqeezed my hand as I teared up a little bit. Then we were off to Babies R Us and Target to get something to show the family. Later that night we met the parents at Cascone's for dinner to announce the sex. As we yelled, "It's A Girl," we pulled out a pink and white bib that said I Love Daddy. There were hugs and tears all around the table. My mom even gave us her first outfit. It is pink and soft and has angel wings on the back.
Matt and I are really excited to start shopping for her room and bedding. We even talked about some names last night at dinner. What a great week. I am even more excited to meet her. Until then, we will enjoy her every little kick and turn in my belly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

20 Weeks

This is the week we have all been waiting for. We have a doctor's appointment today, a District Championship Softball Game tonight, and our Ultrasound to see the sex tomorrow. We are all praying our baby has it's legs spread. We are headed out to dinner at Cascone's with all the parents tomorrow night to break the news. What a week ahead!
Last night the baby was going crazy as we laid in bed. Matt had his hand resting on my tummy as he tried to go to sleep. The baby was kicking and rolling all over. Matt would get excited with each kick. Oooh and Ahhhs filled the bedroom well past ten last night. The baby has gone from kicking once or twice a day to kicking probably five to six times a day. Sometimes the acrobats last for five to ten minutes. Yeah for our little athlete. We will definitely be posting tomorrow when we know the sex.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bought the crib!

We bought the crib that we have had our eye on for a while. This is the first big thing we have purchased, the next thing will be the matching dresser. Next week we find out the gender of the baby! It's hard to believe that this experience is nearly half done. Next week is the big week, we'll update you then.