Wednesday, October 28, 2009

22 Weeks

Matt and I are having a blast shopping for our little girl. We bought her first outfit from Mommy and Daddy this weekend. She won't be able to wear it until next fall, but it is so cute. She is moving around all the time. I can even wake her up sometimes with some tapping. My favorite part of the day with her is at nighttime. Matt will lay his hand on my belly before we go to sleep to feel her. She will twist and turn and sometimes even give him a big kick. She is getting so big. Last week she was the size of a squirrel. You should see what she is doing to my belly button. I won't be an innie for much longer.
She gets hiccups about once a day now too. Yesterday she had them three times! We are really excited to register and to get started on her room. I think I have found the bedding I like at Nebraska Furniture Mart. It is soft brown, pink, and green with precious flowers on it. We also need to buy the dresser that goes with our crib too. So much to do and so much to buy!

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