Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a Girl !

It is official. We are having a little girl. Now the shopping can begin. When Matt and I went to get the ultrasound, I was almost a little nervous. But she looks absolutely perfect and healthy. We were so excited when the technician said that we were having a little girl. Matt gave me a high five and sqeezed my hand as I teared up a little bit. Then we were off to Babies R Us and Target to get something to show the family. Later that night we met the parents at Cascone's for dinner to announce the sex. As we yelled, "It's A Girl," we pulled out a pink and white bib that said I Love Daddy. There were hugs and tears all around the table. My mom even gave us her first outfit. It is pink and soft and has angel wings on the back.
Matt and I are really excited to start shopping for her room and bedding. We even talked about some names last night at dinner. What a great week. I am even more excited to meet her. Until then, we will enjoy her every little kick and turn in my belly.

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