Thursday, February 11, 2010

37 Weeks: Full Term!

The baby is officially full term this week. I am 20 days away from her due date and 11 days away from her original due date! My guess is she will be born on February 25. I would love for her to wait the extra few days to be a March baby, but I do realize that she will come whenever she is ready. I pray that I don't go over March 3rd though!
I packed my hospital bag last night (as best as I could) and made a list of things to bring. It is hard to pack since I am wearing the same pants and shirts twice a week. The baby's bag is also ready and waiting in her room for the big day. We also got the car seat installed by the fire department on Monday. I can't believe I am driving around with a car seat! It is a crazy thought that she could be here any day.
I did have a dream last night that she was born. But it wasn't really about her, it was about me after she was born. I was running/jogging around and feeling great. I hope that I feel that good after she comes! Victor, a family friend came over to the house yesterday to show me the drawing of the castle mural he will be painting on her nursery wall. It is so cute. I cannot wait for him to get started! Everything is ready to go... we just need a baby.
Health wise, I have been feeling pretty good. Fatigue has set in and I am tired after little chores or cleaning. I cannot reach my feet anymore and putting on my shoes is a challenge every morning. Yesterday I did have some Braxton Hicks contractions (I am pretty sure) while at school and at home. That has really been the first sign that the fun is right around the corner. I cannot wait for the weekend although it will be pretty busy for me since I have to be up at school for decorating and chaperoning the Winter Formal Dance.

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