Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Naptime for Ava- 19 Weeks

Ava has begun to suck her thumb. She mainly does it when she sleeps but every now and again she will do it when sh e is hungry. I took this picture this morn ing as Ava took her morning nap in her crib. She is still sleeping in her bassinet, but I am working on transitioning Ava (and Andrea) to her crib. Ava has really found her voice the last two weeks and coos and screeches out loud a lot. We also bought Ava her high chair in preparation for cereal and solids in the upcoming weeks. She seems to like to sit in it, especially with Mommy and Daddy there to talk, laugh, and pick up her toys she throws off the tray. Grandma and Grandpa Holmes are coming up tomorrow and we will be heading to the city market and then to lunch. It is getting harder and harder for Mommy to share Ava with school just two weeks away. Mommy is already hating the idea of leaving Ava everyday. But Ava will do great in the cheering section at Mommy's softball games.

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