Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Months- 18 weeks old

Ava rolled over on July 13th 2010 with no cameras on. And once we got the camera out... she would not do it again. She did it with such ease when Matt was holding a toy out to her side. We have known for several weeks that she was able just not willing. But we all yelled and celebrated when she did it and I am sure the celebrating will go on until it becomes an everyday occurance. Today, we had a future falcon playdate over at our house. 6 Babies and 5 Mommies. Ava got to play with Adrian, Chloe, McKenna, Carlie, and Caylin for 2 whole hours. Yes there was the occational breakdown, but all the babies were very happy and interested in the light toys and of course the ceiling fan. It will be even more interesting when they all become mobile. Ava is now putting herself to sleep on most nights. She gets fed, cuddled, and then laid down. She will kick for a bit, find her thumb, and then is off to sleep. The last 2 nights we have put on a new sleeper for bedtime. She is now wearing size 6-9 sleepers... holy cow. I just realized we are not going to have any clothes later this year if she keeps growing at this rate. Her closet doesn't have many clothes past 9 months. We are off to get shots tomorrow (tear tear) and I am sure I will tear up whether she does or not. More to come soon!

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