Friday, June 18, 2010

13 Weeks Old

Ava is 13 weeks old and growing like a weed. I took a sleeper out of her drawer last night, took the tags off, and squeezed it on her. I bet she will only be able to wear the sleeper 2-3 more times. She has the feet size of a 9 month old and she is now wearing outfits size 3-6 months. We had another big milestone yesterday when Ava reached out for Momma to pick her up. Nana and I cheered when she did it and our excitement startled her. I have been taking PGC continue education classes for teachers this week and I cannot wait for the weekend to come. Matt really wants to take Ava to the pool again and with temperatures in the 90's the water might be warm enough for her. We will also celebrate Father's Day on Sunday. Daddy's first official Father's Day. We had a feeling last year that we might be pregnant, but it was unconfirmed. Ava is also getting close to rolling over. She is laying on her side and reaching for toys. As soon as she gets that arm above her head she will be rolling everywhere. It's so funny that in just one week her reaching for objects has improved so much. She went from being shaky and reaching randomly and maybe getting her dangling toy to grabbing and pulling her toys hanging from her carseat handle. She is also touching and grabbing at Mommy and Daddy's face and nose. I can't believe how fast she is developing these skills. My newborn is becoming a baby!

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