Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 Months Old

Ava celebrated her 5 month birthday inbetween both of her Grandma/Nana's Birthdays. We have had a busy and excited month so far. Mommy is going back to work on Monday so we have been transitioning back to Nana's during the day this week. I also started the softball season this week which has had Mommy missing her favorite time of the day- bathtime.
While out to eat at Margarita's Express on Wednesday... Mommy found something unexpected! A little tooth popping in on the bottom row. We knew the teeth would be coming soon with all of the drool and chewing. But a picture to post would be almost impossible since the minute you stick your finger in to feel it, she sticks her tongue out.
She is still refusing to roll over 99% of the time even though everyone knows she can do. She does it on her own time. She is also beginning the transition from sleeping all night in the bassinet to her own big girl crib. She sleeps from about 8pm until 1am in her bassinet and then 1am to 6am in her crib. We are also practicing finding our balance and sitting up on her own, although we are still needing lots of support. Ava is still the happiest baby I know minus the occational blow-out. But if she is crying she is tired, hungry, or sitting in filth. Otherwise, we are smiley, happy, and playful. Her laugh is infectious and her smile can make 1am seem like 1pm. Going back to work is going to be hard for Mommy this week, but I have to remember working now will allow us dance lessons in the future. I can do it! She is going to have a great time hanging out with Nana!

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