Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Trimester

Well I welcomed in the second trimester with a long awaited hair appointment to get my hair cut and colored. Praise Jesus, because I was rocking the roots! My hair is growing so fast because of the prenatal vitamins I am taking and I think it is growing out a little darker too. With school in it's second week, softball is in full swing. We have out first games tonight. I will be sporting the catchers gear on first base to protect my little one from any foul balls. Matt said the baby was the size of a peach, but in another magazine it was compared it to a Nutter Butter Cookie. I like this comparison better, but mostly because it sounds good and I am already hungry for lunch at 9:45. I am wearing a little red dress today which shows off my ever-so-subtle bump. I hate it when people tell me I am not even showing. Yes I am. There is something there. I just look a little out of shape or maybe like I need to go to the bathroom really really bad. But it's there. 7 more weeks until we get to find out the sex. It is killing me. Matt won't talk names with me until we find out if it is a girl or a boy. But if you want in on the secret, it's a girl. I can feel it. Don't tell Matt though.

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