Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 14

Here we are at Week 14. School is in full swing and softball is going well too. Matt spend the last two weeks traveling off and on, so it was just me, Gracie, and the baby. I am anxiously waiting to feel the baby move. One of my friends said she first felt her baby at week 14, so I find myself laying very still at night concentrating on every rumble of my tummy. In these 10 weeks we have known about the baby, I am convinced that God wants me to have tons of kids since he has made this pregnancy so amazing. My belly is still growing every week and now even students have started to comment on my "pooch". There is a 'look and don't touch' policy that I have had to inforce already though. My belly seems to look really big one day and then the next I can hold it in and still see my abs. I know it will become more consistent and those abs will be gone in a few short weeks.
Matt seems to be getting more excited about the baby now. He cupped his hands on my belly this weekend and said, "How's my baby boy doing in there?" I told him that she was offended by being called a boy. Boy or girl... we will be thrilled. Seven more days until our next doctor's appointment. Hopefully we will be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I am still amazed! I still wake up every morning and about the time I am going to the bathroom I have this sudden realization... wow, I'm pregnant. It's like I forget everynight when I go to sleep. But what a wonderful suprise to wake up to every morning. It still makes me giggle everytime I do it.

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