Wednesday, September 30, 2009

18 Weeks

Well finally something to get excited about at 18 weeks! I felt the baby move on Monday September 28th. I felt it twice in fact. The first time I was laying in my warm bed after taking my morning shower and I felt a little brush of something about 3 inches below my belly button. It happened about three times in one minute. I had a feeling it might be the baby, but chalked it up to gas. But about 1:00, while I was grading papers in class, there it was again. I knew it was the baby this time. It's so exciting! Week 18 has been the best so far! But our next doctor's appointment is 12 days away and I am also excited for that. We get to find out the sex of our baby in less than 2 weeks! Matt is still hoping for a boy, but at this time I just want a healthy baby. I have no preferences and my feeling of a girl has disappeared. We are just anxious to start decorating the nursery and buying bedding for baby Holmes. The belly continues to grow and I have begun to love sweatpants more and more. Even my gym shorts are feeling tight. I am still feeling great 99% of the time and hope the rest of the pregnancy continues in this fashion.

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