Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Ava!

Tonight is Easter Eve. We had a special visitor tonight... the Easter Bunny! Ava was fine as long as she was in my arms, but she was not too sure about the tall overall-wearing rabbit who rang our door bell. I am kinda glad we didn't pay the 12.00 to go see the one at the mall because we probably would have gotten the same reaction. Papa, Nana, Uncle Brad, and Aunt Fannie came over to have dinner and decorate Easter Eggs. Ava was very interested in the glasses of dye and it soon became too much to try and do. I was putting eggs in dye, holding Ava's two hands back, and holding back her kicking feet. Whew... but we have our pictures to prove that we dyed our eggs.

Ava has gotten very vocal this last week. She loves to "read" out loud to us. She will turn pages and bring the book up to her face and read away. Her gibberish is so darn cute. She loves to say, "ba-dup-a-dup" which always makes me and Matt giggle. She also is mimicking people's gestures like folding hands, clapping, hitting your leg while laughing, or putting hands behind your back. She also has a fake laugh which she uses when you are not paying attention to her.

Ava is getting a play kitchen with some fake food, a new outfit, a baby signing time video, a kit kat bar, a bowl and spoon, and a little car. We also filled some eggs with quarters since she is not a big candy eater yet.

Matt and I went shopping and bought a new kitchen table and carpet to go under it. This is the biggest purchase we have made since we bought the crib and dresser for Ava's room. We went and bought our new furniture and then headed to Tomfooleries on the Plaza to meet some of Matt's friends. Papa and Uncle Brad babysat for us while we went out on our date night. Great weekend and we still have Easter Sunday tomorrow to celebrate. It has been cool and rainy almost everyday this month and Ava is eager to go outside and play. Every time we go look out at the deck, Ava says, "Brrr!" Come on warm weather!

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