Wednesday, November 2, 2011

20 months old

Ava will be 20 months this weekend. I cannot believe how much she is learning, repeating, and trying. She is going to be quite the little dare devil. We got her front tooth fixed last month and it looks wonderful. It looks so natural too. Ava loves to stand on top of stools, furniture, etc. She makes me so nervous. I just want to protect those teeth!

Ava is still obcessed with her Signing Time videos and CDs. Everyone in the family now has a CD in their car for her and we only watch the videos 3-4 times a day. haha. Good thing they are educational. She is also doing a great job of singing along with the songs. It is so cute when she holds notes and nods her head along with the music.

Our biggest complaint about Ava is that she is not a big eater. She is so picky about what she eats and she'll eat a few bites and then say she is done. Don't even try to argue with her because her plate or bowl will end up on the floor. But when she finds something she really likes... look out. She will clean her plate. She loves pancakes from "Donalds" and ice cream from "Happy's" (Wendy's). She has been a big fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch the last week. But nothing compares to her mutt. She must have her milk several times a day.

On Halloween Ava was a MU cheerleader. We went to Nana's and had pizza and played with Chase and Chloe before we went out trick-or-treating. We went around Nana's cul-de-sac and then went back to our house to hit up a few neighbors. Ava was getting really good at grabbing her own candy! She had a blast but got really grumpy about 8:00. So it was off to bed. I think seh had a great time though. Now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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