Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Months Old

I cannot believe that Ava is 10 months old. Here is what we can say: Momma, Dada, Nana, Papa, dog, bye bye, brrrrrr, and ball. Ava loves her sign language DVD's we got from Grandma and so far we can sign: dog, bird, more, and milk. Ava still refuses to crawl and we are figuring we are skipping right to walking. She is cruising around the couch and ottoman constantly. She did figure out that if she is laying down she can move by rolling. But she really want to be standing up all the time. As soon as you stand her up her feet are moving. I have spent a lot of time on my knees and holding her hands. She is getting very brave and turns from the ottoman to the couch and back. We have also started to take some falls. Matt and I know that she must learn that if she lets go, she will fall but we do our best to catch her before she face plants into the carpet. As soon as you save her beautiful face and sit her back up she gives you a huge smile. I am sure it is all a game to her. Her other favorite game is to throw food off the high chair. Grace the dog has become a vulture and hovers near the high chair at all times.

Ava always makes us smile when we tell her to look up and down- then she nods up and down. Or we can say right and left- and she will shake her head right to left. She will also shake her head no, usually after we say "no no, we don't throw our food." Matt and I can't help but smile. She has also started to "blink" which is more like a squint/wrinkle nose/smile on request as well. Ava is also getting good a pointing. She seems to be saying, "Mommy what is that?" She will also point out family members in photos too. I am sure every mom thinks their child is a genius, but she seems to be very observant, curious, and interested in everything around her. She still has to have her wubbie to sleep, she loves Sophie her giraffe, and she loves to look at books (over and over and over). Matt and I are truly blessed with a beautiful and smart baby girl. She still melts my heart with those big blue eyes and her toothy (6 of them) smile.

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