Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

Well it's my 5th day off school this winter. We are getting a blizzard this week. Yesterday we had a shortened day and it looks like we will be off today and tomorrow. Thursday is up in the air but the high is suppose to be zero. But Thursday is my birthday so I wouldn't mind being at home and playing with Ava. We are currently watching Baby Signing Time. She just loves love the video and she will sit and watch for the 30 minute show. I am not sure how long an 11 month old attention span is suppose to be, but we love it! She is signing the following words: bird, dog, fish, more, milk, bed, mom, baby, diaper, all done, hurt, beautiful, snow, poop, please, water, food/hungry, and shhhh. She is doing really well with her communication skills but oh the attitude. When we don't understand or she doesn't want to do something she now throws her head back, arches her back, and starts a fit. She does not want her diaper changed so you have to entertain her with toys with you do it. So we are dodging poop on shoes, clothes, and toys. She also can find and point to body parts. She knows where her eyes, eye lashes, nose, teeth, tongue, hands, piggies, tummy, hair, head, ears, and gulu are. We have fun quizzing her all the time. She loves eye lashes, but she is definitely not gentle on you or herself. Ava is a great eater and we really have not found anything that she won't eat. Her favorite food right now is probably fresh blueberries. She just gobbles them up. She still loves her eggs, basta, bread, and cheerios. She is most interested in whatever Momma and Dada are eating for dinner. She will be 11 months old next weekend and we are busy planning a first birthday party for our precious princess!

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