Wednesday, December 23, 2009

30 Weeks

Merry Christmas Baby Girl! We had an ultrasound and doctor's appointment today to check on the baby and she is doing great. She is about 3.5 lbs and she is about 17 inches long. She is measuring about the size of a 31.5 week fetus, so she may be here a little before we all think. The doctor said she is doing well and I am a OB doctor's dream patient. I hope it stays that way. Oh, and we had the doctor confirm she is still a girl. Yeah!
We got back from New York very early this morning because our flight was delayed. We saw Ground Zero, Wall Street, Battery Park, Chinatown, Times Square, and more. My favorite night was the night Matt and I went out on a date. We started our date by going up to the top of the Empire State Building at dusk. Oh my goodness it was freezing and windy. There was probably a -30 degree wind chill up at the top, but the view was gorgeous! After we got back down we went to the Heartland Brewery at Times Square and had a great meal just the two of us. We talked about the baby and how dates like this are going to dwindle after the baby is here.
Matt was such a trooper with all the shopping we did. I bought a fake coach purse in Chinatown for a diaper bag. The extra 20 lbs that I am carrying around sure impacted me a little more than I had expected. We had to slow down while walking and stop at Starbucks about every 3 hours for bathroom/drink breaks. All in all, the trip was really fun and I am glad we decided to go on our Babymoon before our Baby Girl arrives. Christmas is 2 days away and I can't wait to celebrate.

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