Friday, January 1, 2010

31 Weeks

Happy New Years! I cannot believe it's 2010. We are having a baby in 2 months (or less). Last night on New Years Eve we went over to Adam and Whitney's house. I had a great time playing Mexican Dominos with the girls and Matt played video games in the basement with all the boys. We had a ton of food and ended up having a great time. Mom and I went shopping/looking for the baby today. We had a great time looking at all of the cute things that I registered for. My shower is about 2 weeks away. I am really excited for the party because I am feeling really unprepared right now. We have lots of 0-3 month old onsies but no car seat, stroller, bottles, diapers, etc. Once we have the shower, I am hoping to feel a lot more prepared for her arrival.
The baby is running out of room in my tummy really quickly. I can feel every movement, roll, and turn. Her kicks are getting a lot less frequent due to the lack of space. Two nights ago Matt found some body part of her's sticking out and gave it a little tap. My entire stomach then jumped and rolled. Aparently she did not like that. I am really excited to see her, hold her, and cuddle her. Reality is setting in... we are going to be parents in about 8 weeks! We cannot wait to meet our little blessing!

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