Friday, January 22, 2010

34 Weeks

What a great week. On Saturday night, all Matt's boys from Lee's Summit came over for his Diapers for Daddy Party. Matt wore a doll in a baby carrier like the movie Hangover. There were about 10 people there and we ended up getting over 600 diapers and some wipes. When I woke up the next morning, the boys had all crashed on the livingroom floor. Me and my 8 boys all went to breakfast at Hy-Vee before I had to get ready for my shower at Staley Farms.
We had a full house at my shower. My sister and sister-in-laws did a great job with the shower and the games. My mom and grandma took care of the table decorations and they were so cute. My cake was pink and it had an ultrasound picture of the baby on it. Plus it was delicious! We got so many presents. We received a lot of presents off the registry which helps me feel more prepared. I still need to get the car seat, a base, stroller, baby monitors, and a few small items... but friends and family really helped me with most of the necessities. What a blessing!
This Saturday, Matt and I are going to Birthing Class at the hospital while Mom, Dad, and Grandma are going to a Grandparents Class. Matt is really excited to tour the hospital and the birthing room to see where all the action will take place.
We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the baby's heartbeat was 140 and everything looked good as usual. I am going for my next appointment on February 4th. From then on, I will be going to visits every week. I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by. She will be here before we know it. I cannot wait to hold her. Her little feet are lodged in the sides of my belly and she is a kicker. No stretch marks to this point... Praise Jesus. But with about 5 weeks left I will continue to lather on my lotion.

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